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This business was modeled after years of experience running other people's dog walker operations.  Observing the best and worst practices, I've developed a safety policy that ensures the safest possible experience for your furry friend.  You may think that what I'm about to describe comes standard with all dog walker services. However in my experience not all policies are the same or even articulated.

Transparency & GPS walk tracking

In an effort for total transparency I have an app that allows for you to track the walk in real time in case you are a worried parent.  All you need is a web browser and Internet access.  Here's how it works...

Sign up for a walk package


When the walk starts I'll text or email you access to the tracking app.


Click the link and it will launch into the tracking software


From there you can monitor the location in real time on a map from your desktop, phone, or tablet.




 This is to keep your dog safe using common sense and patience.

1)  Securing the leash

Precautionary walk tactics

Before exiting your apartment, it's company policy to take your leash handle and loop it through pronged belt buckle.  In addition to this, I always maintain one hand on the leash to manage your dog's proximity  to potential dangers


2)  Look first, move second

There is no reason a dog should round a corner before the walker has looked.  It's just common sense!   This is a great way to avoid sidewalk collisions with objects such as: strollers, skateboards, unfriendly pups, unfriendly people, naughty cats, and other enemies of a pleasant walk.

3)  Parallel positioning



It is important to keep your dog parallel with you at all times, and never leading the walk or trailing behind you.  Why is this important?  Well, because having a lot of slack on your leash is difficult to manage and unsafe.  Its a good idea to keep your pup generally even with the pace of your stride, and roughly behind your toes.

4)   Safer walk routes

Depending on your location, I'll try and pick walk routes that avoid crossing busy streets or high traffic areas.  We aim to go for grassy areas if possible and other routes that are quiet and pleasant.  However if this is unavoidable at certain points we will always look twice before crossing the street.

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